Who we are?

Wagwago Engineering PLC is a private consulting firm established under the commercial law of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia by young entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts specializing in providing software solutions, network design and installation, electromechanical design and installation works. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Wagwago is convinced with a clear vision; mission and objectives to provide a wide range of solutions in ICT and electromechanical works combines a passion for user satisfaction, technology innovation, and collaborative workforce that embodies the success of various solutions.

Wagwago is staffed with highly qualified, self-starter and dynamic engineering graduates of MIT who are committed to deliver top quality services in ICT works with an extensive experience in many diverse areas of enterprise application development, complex websites and web applications development, android applications, large scale network installation and configurations, Network Infrastructure design , installation and configuration, Network based systems installation and integration such as Active Directory Services (ADS), Tele presence services (VoIP, PBX), and messaging systems, Data center design and Consultancy, electrical installation, security camera installation and various training and research activities.

It is our strong conviction that our highly skilled Engineers are well acquainted with a wider range of technology in the area of ICT and electromechanical. This cumulative experience and skills developed can enable us to deliver the standard solutions that critically meet customers’ requirements.

Wagwago Engineering’s’ business philosophy is that quality, reliability and customer satisfaction come before profit because we Wagwago certainly believe that the fulfillment of these two factors guarantees the creation of a mutual and continues flow of credible business transaction between us and our customers.  Within this framework, Wagwago is poised to offer proven top quality services to its customers.